Getcha a Gotcha

How Gotcha Burger is changing up the Eugene food cart game

Written by Keaton Roberts

4/20 Edition, 2023.

Trevon Huntley and his family know burgers, and they are serving up to anyone who desires one.
Born and raised in Eugene, Huntley had a strong work ethic instilled from day one. Despite the hard times, Huntley’s father always found time to cook authentic burgers, fries and many more dishes for his family. When Huntley was younger, he was always surrounded by great home-cooked meals. He enjoyed freshly cooked Indian and Mediterranean dishes in what Huntley describes as a “transfusion of cultures.” However, there was one meal that stood out from the rest.

“When I was a kid he would always be making burgers and fries with a bunch of different sauces. He just kept making sauce until he perfected it – and that is the Gotcha sauce people enjoy today.”

Huntley’s family previously owned the once-popular Kazaam food truck on East 18th Street and Pearl Street. They began to sell the “Gotcha Burger” at Kazaam, and it quickly became their best-selling item. The Huntleys decided to turn their attention to what they do best. With the famous “Gotcha” sauce already established as a family recipe and their ability to cook fresh burgers, they decided to open up a burger joint that would invite people from all walks of life.

“We call it Gotcha Burger because we gotcha; whether you’re a homeless person looking for their next meal, a student looking for a quick bite to eat or even the family from the top of the hill: we gotcha.” At Gotcha Burger, inclusivity is a value that they will forever stand on.

Now it is Huntley’s turn to serve up the sauce. He has taken over day-to-day operations and is set to carry on the family business. Working 18 hours a day from sun-up to sun-down, Huntley made the same sacrifice his father made in his youth.“He always worked for himself, always hustled for his family, doing everything it takes to make us happy. That is where I get my nonstop work ethic from,” Huntley said.

Huntley starts his day by opening the store at 11 a.m. and does everything to make Gotcha Burger a satisfying trip for customers until closing at 1 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on the weekends. He does it all, from chopping fresh vegetables, taking orders, cleaning up the property, flipping burgers and forming relationships with customers. For Huntley, this is only part of the sacrifice and dedication he makes to run this place. This past year, he went back to Lane Community College to achieve his degree in business administration. His goal is to take Gotcha Burger to new heights, and believing that with the work ethic inspired by his father, he could reach that goal.

“I was a normal kid, went to school here, did normal kid things, but I always remember telling myself I could work so much more. I always had the energy to keep going and going,” Huntley said.

The quality of the food mirrors how warm and welcoming the staff is. For less than $5, you can get their featured item, the “Deuce Deuce,” which is a double-double patty and cheese on a toasted bun along with freshly cut vegetables and of course, topped with a perfect amount of sweet and savory Gotcha sauce. That first bite into the Deuce Deuce sets off all of the senses. The first wave is full of rich, quality, fresh flavor from the meat and cheese complimented by a crisp crunch of grilled onion, lettuce and tomato. The aftertaste is usually bombarded with the sweet, smoky, tanginess from the Gotcha sauce. You can tell instantly that this is not your normal fast food frozen patty from the freezer. Simply put, the quality at Gotcha Burger is unmatched. The temporary taste sensations from the Deuce Deuce leave a permanent smile on customers’ faces.

Gotcha Burger is not just a burger joint: Their menu also features loaded hot dogs, Philly cheesesteaks that will melt in your mouth and delectable vanilla and strawberry shakes. Giving customers a variety of options that fit their munchie needs, cravings can be satisfied at any time of the day.

New menu items are on the horizon. Beginning the week of 4/20, exactly at midnight, Gotcha Burger will establish a new “munchie menu.” As if that doesn’t already sound enticing, everything on the menu will be under $2.99. Huntley explained that the menu items will remain a secret, but he ensures that it will consist of “all of the favorites.” If you want to find out more about the content on the newly featured “munchie menu,” you’re going to have to go see for yourself.

The hustling Huntleys have big dreams for this place. Their next move is to open a storefront in Eugene, ideally closer to the University of Oregon campus. The goal from there is to expand to Corvallis, Bend and other locations statewide. Eventually, the Huntleys will strive to reach the East Coast to make Gotcha Burger a nationwide name that represents an affordable, tasty meal with accessible hours for hungry visitors. With the quality, efficiency and energetic work ethic that Huntley and his family obtain, the sky’s the limit for Gotcha Burger.