Drag Yourself to Saucy Saturdays

  Drag Yourself to Saucy Saturdays Supporting our sister town’s drag scene at Saucy Saturdays Written by Kayl Wohl and Amanda Lurey, Photographed by Violet Turner Pride Edition, 2023. It’s […]

The Art of Reading Stoned

Written by Mac Larsen If someone were to hypothetically ask me: Mac, I’m stoned, feeling ambitious, and want to read a book, any recommendations? I would reply: welcome to the […]

420 Tune Guide

written by Renee Thompson @renee.eporita I have yet to meet a stoner that doesn’t have a go-to album or band to toke to. Some gravitate  more to the traditional sounds, […]

Customer’s Guide to Cannabis

written by Alexandra Arnett The Cannabis sativa L. species is a member of the family Cannabaceae. Around 27.8 million years ago, a split occurred within the Cannabacea family developing into […]

4/20 Eats

written and photographed by Kimberly Harris Warning: This article is for the personal use of adults 21 years of age or older in a cannabis-legal state. Edibles must be made […]

How to Stash Your Stash

Words by Delaney Rea | Photo by Trevor Meyer Finding your ideal strain of marijuana is essential to the experience. Each variety has its own set of nuances and user […]

Green & Grub: A Pairing Guide

words by Skyla Patton | photo by Sierra Pedro Picture this: it’s date night, and you’re taking your significant other out for a night on the town. You pick the […]