Music Spotlight: Bowl Peace

  Music Spotlight: Bowl Peace Droppin’ Some Dream Pop Written by Elijah NewmanPhotographed by Megan McEntee 4/20 Edition, 2023. Without further ado, meet the all-student indie rock band coming out […]

Green Eugene 4/20 Playlist 

Our second annual soundtrack for our favorite day of the year Curated by Kayl Wohl and Megan McEntee. Illustrated by Lindsay Rogers. 4/20 Edition, 2023. Happy holiblaze from Green Eugene! […]

Harvest Horoscopes

October 31, 2022. Written by Megan Mcentee. Designed by Dani DeGraw.  Aries:  This is the time to reconnect with the physical world around you and remember the importance of taking […]

A Very Green Eugene 4/20 Playlist

The lighters are lined up ready for work, the glass pieces are prepped, cleaned and loaded, and the yellow dandelions are dancing around your blanket anxiously awaiting for the event to begin.

Self-love and Cannabis: The Anatomy of a girl blunt 

Cannabis has always been talked about in the context of medicine but when it comes to social and mental wellness, mainstream smoking culture has failed to create welcoming environments for all individuals. Girl blunts push back against the status quo of masculinity and over consumption in contemporary cannabis.

The Art of Reading Stoned

Written by Mac Larsen If someone were to hypothetically ask me: Mac, I’m stoned, feeling ambitious, and want to read a book, any recommendations? I would reply: welcome to the […]

A Brush in Both Worlds

Words by Renee Thompson, Lily Brennan, Kaylynn Wohl  Green Eugene staff have the unique ability to peer into the realms of both cannabis as an industry and journalism beat, and […]