High Recommendations: Medicated Bath Salts

Written and photographed by Renee Thompson

When I begin to feel the weight of stress on my bones, I always gravitate toward taking a long shower or bath. The mix of water and steam always helps me re-center and feel refreshed. When using medicated bath salts, soaks are even more relaxing. The medicated ingredients can help soothe muscles and nerves. Compared to normal bath salts, depending on the amount of activated ingredients used, one could experience a slight tingly sensation because of the skin’s super absorbent nature. Which is why it is important, not just for the environment, but also for the sake of your own health that you pay attention to the ingredients in bath and beauty products. One thing that I have been doing for the past year is consciously buying products that are better for the environment. I found it very easy to switch to plastic free shampoo and conditioner, and have since started looking into how I can cut out other environmentally harmful products. 

Bath and beauty products can contain microplastics that return to our water supply after you wash your face or body. Microplastics are not usually filtered out of water, since they are so small, but they can have a damaging effect on your health and our shared environment. The Australian Department of Water and the Environment states that microplastics that exist in the environment can negatively affect humans, animals, plant life, and the environment itself. After microplastics have been introduced to the marine environment, they can absorb more toxins and can become even more harmful by carrying those toxins up and down the food chain. Even though Congress passed the Microbead Free Water Act in 2015, the act only classifies microbeads as, “any solid plastic particle that is less than five millimeters in size and is intended to be used to exfoliate or cleanse the human body or any part thereof” even through microplastics can be found outside the over-the-counter bath and beauty aisle. The act seems to only target exfoliating microbeads, and doesn’t offer a clear solution for filtering already existing microplastics out of the water supply.

In this recipe, baking soda is used as a cleanser, while Epsom salt works to help reduce soreness. When using this recipe, I like to use Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, since its larger flakes work great for exfoliation. I tend to keep decarboxylated stems/shake on hand, but if you are unfamiliar with the process make sure that you heat up your active ingredients on a cookie sheet for 40 mins at 240F. This is also another great reason to save your shake and stems as they can be used instead of pricier premium flower. Of course the higher the THC and CBD in the flower used will affect the potency of the end product, so try and pay attention to those percentages when buying, especially if you are someone who is prone to paranoia. 

Medicated Bath Salts

Prep Time: 5-10 mins

Yield: 1 cup


                     1/3 cup baking soda

                     1/3 cup salt

                     1/3 cup Epsom salt

                     1-4 Tbsp medicated coconut oil

                     4-5 drops of essential oil

                     2-4 tps decarboxylated stems and shake


                     1 metal spoon

                     1 medium bowl

                     measuring cup

                     measuring spoons

                     holding container (ex: Mason jar, old flower container, etc.)


1. Measure out the baking soda, salt, and Epsom salt and mix them together in the bowl.

2. Warm up coconut oil in the microwave or on a low on the stovetop.

3. Add the decarboxylated stems/shake and medicated coconut oil to the mixture.

4. Mix well, add essential oil (optional) and mix again.

5. With the spoon, place the medicated bath salt into your container of choice.

6. Add anywhere from 3-6 Tbsp to warm bath or 1-3 Tbsp for a small foot bath or body scrub. Enjoy!

Details in Quarantine

a story told thru photos captured by Kimberly Harris @kiimberlyharris, feature photo assembled by Isaac Morris

High Recommendations: THC Facemasks

written by Renee Thompson, photographed by Kimberly Harris

Disposable face masks for skin care are becoming more common, but in the ever growing beauty aisle, few environmentally friendly alternatives exist. One way to ensure your beauty routine is as green as possible is to make your own. There are hundreds of face mask recipes that use natural materials, and making them yourself is a great way to de-stress through the process or connect with others in your home. 

An easy way to add THC to a natural face mask is to use infused coconut oil or sugar. Some expected effects from using THC in face masks would include (but is not limited to) muscle relaxation and a slight tingling sensation. Everyday ingredients like honey, yogurt, and avocado act as natural moisturizer, and things like citrus and pineapple juice are effective at breaking down dirt in pores. Once a month, or as needed, treat yourself to some of our favorite THC infused combinations.

Pore Cleansing Mask 


-½ lemon

-1 ½ tsp. honey

-1 tsp. of THC infused coconut oil


1. Cut lemon in half.

2. Over a bowl, use a fork to loosen the lemon sections while trying to keep as much of the lemon chunks and juice inside as possible. 

3. Pour infused coconut oil in the exposed lemon half.

4. Use a fork to push the oil inside the lemon. 

5. Repeat steps 3. & 4. with honey.

6. Use a fork to mix the honey, oil, and lemon juice inside the lemon. 

7. Apply the lemon with mixture to your skin. Make sure you apply an even layer to your face, leaving areas around your eyes and mouth exposed.

8. If needed squish the lemon, away from your eyes, slightly to release more of the mixture. 

9. Let the mask stay for 10-30 minutes.

10. Wash off with warm water. 

Tightening Mask


-1 egg white

-⅓ cup plain uncooked oats

-2 tsp. THC infused coconut oil

-2 TBS. plain yogurt


1. In one bowl, mix your oats and yogurt until there are no clumps of dry oats.

2. In another bowl, mix together the egg white and oil.

3. Pour the egg mixture into the oat mixture and mix until they are combined.

4. Apply the mask while you’re over a sink to avoid any possible messes. 

5. Cover your face avoiding your eyes and mouth.

6. Leave the face mask on until the mixture begins to tighten and dry. This can take 25-50 minutes. 

7. Use warm water and a paper towel to get the more solidified chunks off your face. 

8. Use warm water and a gentle face wash to remove any excess. 

Nourishing Mask


-½ ripe avocado

-1 TBS. or 1 tea bag of pure green tea 

-2 ½ tsp. THC infused coconut oil 

-1 TBS. honey


1. Cut a ripe avocado into small pieces and add them to the bowl.

2. In the bowl, use the fork and spoon to mash the avocado until it has reached a pudding-like state.

3. Add the honey, tea leaves, and infused oil into the mashed avocado. Stir all the ingredients together until they are well incorporated.

4. Put the mask on your face evenly, leaving your eyes and mouth exposed.

5. Let the mask stay on your face for 20-60 minutes, then use warm water and a paper towel to remove the bulk of the mask.

6. Use warm water to rinse your face of any remaining residue. 

High Recommendations

written and photographed by Emma Routley

I had never heard of Kush mascara until I was standing in line at Sephora and saw Milk’s Kush Mascara in the travel-sized items section. Interest peaked by both the name and the silver packaging, I picked it up on my way to the register.

This mascara has a unique formula that separates it from the rest of the market: cannabis oil.  The cannabis seed oil is meant to both condition and thicken eyelashes, continuing to hydrate even after the makeup is removed. At first, I thought putting oil on my eyelashes didn’t sound like something I would want.  Oily mascara just sounds like a recipe for smudged black eyelids. Inside the box, the tube has surprising weight to it, and a spoolie with soft bristles designed for high volume coverage. I don’t normally like mascara spoolies of this stature because due to it’s large size I have the tendency to get it all over my eyes instead of actually on my eyelashes.  Something else I was worried about going into the mascara trial was my eyes potentially watering — whenever I go into a grow room, my eyes are always streaming by the time I leave.

I tried the mascara for a week. While it took about four coats to get the mascara how I wanted it to look on my eyes, the mascara proved itself notable in the way it lasted a full eight-hour shift and kept my eyelashes looking curled throughout the day without any touch ups.  The smudging I was worried about did not occur, and despite its great staying power, the product is easy to remove at the end of the day. I use makeup wipes, and there was not much effort involved in it’s removal which I consider a bonus, since I hate rubbing my eyes until they’re sore just to get my makeup off to go to bed.  The only major downside to the mascara is that the spoolie is quite large, and as someone who does not have big eyes I came close multiple times to knocking it against the bridge of my nose while applying the inner corners. It might not be best for a quick time-pressed morning, but was great otherwise. 

Milk’s Kush Mascara comes in a regular full size for $24.00 and a travel size for $12.00.  Milk makeup is both vegan and cruelty free, which is my favorite type of brand to support. The packaging says 95% of the 21 women who tested the mascara saw higher volume, and longer lashes, while 90% saw thicker and lifted lashes.

I will continue to use my little travel sized mascara until I use it up, and then I might consider just purchasing a full size!  My eyelashes do feel conditioned after several days of using this kush mascara, and the cannabis seed oil so close to my eyes actually doesn’t bother me at all.  I highly recommend this mascara to anyone who wants a non-waterproof mascara with incredible staying power and is easy to take off at night.  

Goodbye Cramps, Hello Cannabis

words by Skyla Patton | photo by Michaela Barnes

Cannabis is progressively gaining more recognition for its medicinal qualities. Renowned for its ability to relieve anxiety, muscle tension and other minor body ailments, medical marijuana continues to be tested for more medicinal capabilities. Pain-relief products are hot in the cannabis market, and the monthly pains of PMS is just one ailment they can alleviate. Cramps, bloating and other horrendous side effects are woes that women were forced to sit through until recently. All kinds of cannabis products are claiming to relieve menstrual cramps, help with swelling and provide overall relief for the monthly struggle. Check out these product suggestions that feature testimonials from women who have experienced the relief themselves.

Lunar Balance Balm by Ceres Garden

This herb-packed topical is a one-stop shop for pain relief, and it’s uniquely designed for women’s monthly pains and aches. The title lunar balance comes from the origin of the word menstruation, which can be translated to moon from it’s Greek roots. Ceres Garden is an up-and-coming medicinal cannabis line, packed full of just about every tincture, balm or strain you can imagine. They’re committed to making products that serve a primary purpose: making you feel better. Made with a combination of primrose oil, willow bark and black cohosh, this balm packs a whopping 175mg of THC and CBD, which is perfect for curing cramps, muscle aches or even general headaches. Ceres Garden isn’t located in Oregon permanently yet, but can be ordered online from third-party distributors like Cascade Herb Company for only $15.

“I didn’t know a topical could help so much, but every time I put it on I felt instant relief. I haven’t had to use it since my surgery [for endometriosis], but leading up to it I used it almost daily and it helps immediately.” Sarah, 29, Washington

Whoopi & Maya

Produced by the one and only Whoopi Goldberg and famous Om Edibles creator Maya Elisabet, this female-led power company offers some of the best PMS pain relief on the market. Their tag line of “soak, savor, rub, and relax…” nearly puts you to sleep just reading it, but also perfectly describes their target areas of menstrual relief. Melting chocolate, herbal cannabis tincture, bath soaks and a soothing muscle rub are all offered by this brand for targeted pain relief across the board. A cult favorite is the raw cacao: considered to be a superfood on its own, when combined with cannabis this sweet treat can cure your cravings and relax your tense joints all at once with your choice of CBD or THC. Perfectly paired with vanilla ice cream, on toast or even just as a sweet snack this chocolate is tasty and healing all in one. Whoopi & Maya have flash sales at Oregon dispensaries, so keep an eye out for local pop-ups or deals.

“Herbs can help us in a variety of ways: by granting relaxation, offering pain relief, reducing muscle cramping, strengthening immunity, and stimulating the senses. These physical effects also improve our mood and wellbeing. They invite us to honor ourselves.” Alexis Gandara, Whoopi & Maya Herbalist

Sacred Herb Medicinals

This rub-on stick, which looks similar to your average deodorant, is a powerful anti-inflammatory that will numb and relax any pains you may have. Mixed with essential oils of your liking, fifteen different herbs and organic waxes to solidify it, this rub-on magic is perfect for swelling or harsh cramps. It’s also good for bruises, small scratches and sore muscles. Made with heat-resistant products, it’s compact enough to fit in a purse or backpack and won’t melt during the heat of the day. If you’re looking for something even more compact and discreet, they also offer a CBD roll-on oil. Designed specifically for migraines, this roller is perfect for targeting specific areas of pain, like a swollen lower back or a tension headache. Sacred Herb Medicinals are offered at nearly every dispensary in Eugene and can also be ordered online. Roller balls and sticks alike range from $24 to $30 depending on location.

“It’s made right here in Bend [where I live]. I just roll it [the rub-on stick] over my lower abdomen and it works like magic!” Leona, 27, Bend

Foria Relief

For those of us who are dying for relief and need immediate gratification, Foria Relief is here to save the day with suppositories. This female-empowering company focuses on confidence, comfortability and pleasure for all women, utilizing the healing powers of cannabis to further that goal. Designed to target the specific areas of pain and tension caused from menstruating pains, these easy-to-use inserts have swept the market of cannabis pain relief products and are some of the best and fastest relief available. Carefully crafted with exact serving sizes of THC and CBD, the healing goes straight where it needs to and can ease the worst of PMS pains. Unfortunately, Foria is not yet located in Oregon, but it can be ordered online from their site at foriapleasure.com.


Beauty Green: A Look at Local Hemp Beauty Products

Words by Kelsey Tidball | Photo by Sierra Pedro

Hemp products have a wide range of beauty benefits. Two Oregon-based companies, Wild Grace and Oregon Hemp Works, specialize in the rejuvenating aspects of the versatile plant. We talked to these businesses to find out what goes into making hemp-based beauty products.

Wild Grace

Wild Grace is a Eugene beauty company that focuses on sustainable, plant-based beauty products. Katie, the owner of Wild Grace, has spent her life dabbling in the ways of the apothecary. As a little girl, she experimented with the herbs in her family’s herb garden under the guidance of her uncle. He revealed to her that before pharmaceutical medicines became the norm, physicians used plants and herbs just like the ones she played with in the garden to cure all sorts of ills. She would grind them up and mix them together, noting their unique smells, colors and shapes. Katie was always looking to learn more about plants and what they can do for modern medicine and health.

“When I was in college, I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression,” Katie said. “I was looking for a really holistic way to increase my physical and emotional health rather than taking pills, and I think plants can really help complement our self-care.”

Today, Katie uses those same holistic principles to create beauty and skincare products at Wild Grace that are made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Many are made with hemp oil and other hemp products and are formulated for a variety of afflictions, including dry or oily skin, inflammation and sensitivity.

Years ago, Katie swore off of harsh, chemical-based cosmetics, realizing just how harmful they can be to body and spirit. However, she also struggled with finding natural skincare products that were right for her lifestyle and for her skin. She kept trying new brands and they kept coming up short.

“I knew there must have been a better way,” Katie said. So, she decided to put her apothecary skills to good use and started to formulate her own products.

“In the process of crafting my own skincare,” Katie says on her website, “the question in the back of my mind was, ‘Why recreate all the products already on the shelf?’” The conclusion that Katie came to was, “the world doesn’t need another version of the same face cream, even if it is ‘all natural.” From that, Wild Grace was born.

Wild Grace offers products such as Fir and Myrtle Gentle Cleansing Milk, which is made from white rose, douglas fir, sunflower and jojoba oils, hemp seed, coconut oil soap and rosemary extract. It is designed to nourish and stimulate dull, dry skin. They offer organic face masks, such as the Rosy Cheeks Exfoliating Mask, the Pumpkin Enzyme Corrective Mask and the Ondine Purifying Mask. They also offer facial creams and serums that are designed for oily skin, dehydrated skin, combination skin and damaged skin.

For Katie, skincare is a ritual. She offers collections of products that are meant to be paired in order to optimize her customers’ experience. She believes that skincare and self-care are deeply connected, and Wild Grace products are designed to encourage responsible, guilt-free, natural “me time.”

Being involved in the company is extremely important to Katie, so each of her products has been designed and formulated by hand. She says she has so many ideas for new products, she often finds it difficult to rein in her creativity and limit Wild Grace’s production; however, she understands the importance of keeping the company small, staying true to her brand and perfecting her products.

“I want to just keep going,” she said. “I love being able to employ local people and offer jobs and a livable wage. I am really excited about the company’s organic, steady growth.”

Wild Grace products are available on her website, www.wildgrace.me, and can also be purchased at local farmers markets and events where she is often found selling alongside her fiance, the proprietor of a local hemp-based printing company, and their friends at Little Bees Candle Co.

Oregon Hemp Works

Oregon Hemp Works is an Oregon-based beauty company that does things a little differently. The company was founded in 2010 by Benjamin Christensen, who was inspired to make soap by the movie Fight Club. Yes, you read that correctly. That scene where Brad Pitt holds that horrible hazing ritual and burns Edward Norton’s arm with lye? That was the inspiration for Oregon Hemp Works. But don’t worry, their soaps will not cause intense chemical burns.

In fact, Oregon Hemp Works soaps are 100% vegan, 100% non-GMO, made without dyes, parabens, BPA or artificial ingredients and scented with essential oils rather than unnatural fragrances or perfumes. And the best part? Each bar is only $6.50.

In addition to soap, Oregon Hemp Works also makes massage oil, deodorant and soap specially formulated for bathing dogs. Their products are created with a deep love for the hemp plant and its benefits, both for consumers and for the planet. Benjamin hopes that, unlike the depiction in Fight Club, hemp and hemp products can inspire genuine curiosity, open mindedness and widespread wellness. Oregon Hemp Works products can be found online at www.oregonhempworks.com.

The Hempiest Time of Year: Eugene’s 2017 Hemp Gift Guide

words by Sierra Pedro | photo contributed by Mountain Rose Herbs

From skincare to clothing to lip balm, hemp products make great go-to gifts for any of your Oregonian friends. We compiled a list of local, hemp products you might consider purchasing for a special someone in your life!

Hemp Hoop Infinity Scarf, $15

Made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton jersey, these cozy scarves are guaranteed to please a special fashionista in your life this holiday season. Currently offered in sea foam and iris colors.

Shop: sweetskins.com, 850 West 2nd St.

Street Purse, $48

The Eco Boutique, home to Of the Earth Organic Apparel, offers stylish purses that can be worn over the shoulder or as a handbag. They are also on discount at $29 on their website right now! Currently offered in black and denim colors.

Shop: oftheearth.com, 782 Blair Blvd.

Sprout Bag, $16.50

Made with 100% hemp, this 7” by 10.5” sprout bag is a go-to gift for any cooking guru. Just include some seeds, water and your sprouts will be ready in 3 to 5 days!

Shop: mountainroseherbs.com, 152 W 5th Ave. #3

Hemp Seed Oil, $11

An 8.5 oz. bottle of quality oil a delightful present for any kitchen enthusiast in your life! This certified organic hemp seed oil can be used for hummus to guacamole to smoothies to pesto. Plus, the oil bottles themselves are made from 50 percent recycled material.

Shop: mountainroseherbs.com, 152 W 5th Ave. #3

Hemp Lip Balm Assortment, $41.58

Lip balm makes the perfect stocking stuffer, and this assortment of 28 tubes and seven flavors offers a one-stop buy for all your closest friends and family. Made with hemp seed oil, rosemary and Vitamin E. Flavors include peppermint, spearmint, orange, lemon lime, cinnamon, vanilla and unscented.

Shop: merryhempsters.com

Organic Dog Salve, $5.25

Don’t forget about your furry friend this holiday season! This pet-friendly, price-friendly dog lotion with soothe cuts, bites or other abrasions. Packaged in a simple, roll on applicator.

Shop: merryhempsters.com