Strains of the Month: Harvest Edition 2024

  Strains of the Month Written and Photographed by Alex Hernandez Harvest Edition, 2024. I don’t smoke. You might think that this makes me unqualified to suggest particular strains of […]

Geekin’ Out Over Fruity Geekz

  Geekin’ Out Over Fruity Geekz SugarTop Buddery adds a“fundica” to the menu Written by Amanda Lurey, Photographed by Kayl Wohl Pride Edition, 2023. When I first took a sniff […]

Sad Clown, Happy Customers

  Sad Clown, Happy Customers Homegrown Success in Southern Oregon Written by Dominic Adams, Photos Courtesy of Danny Infante Pride Edition, 2023. Sad Clown Studios just recently celebrated its 1st […]

Featured Business: Phresh Start

  Featured Business: Phresh Start From country to cannabis Written by Megan McEntee, Photos by Riley Valle Pride Edition, 2023. Upon walking into Phresh Start dispensary on Bailey Hill Road, […]

Getcha a Gotcha

  Getcha a Gotcha How Gotcha Burger is changing up the Eugene food cart game Written by Keaton Roberts 4/20 Edition, 2023. Trevon Huntley and his family know burgers, and […]

A “High-5” for the Cannabis Community

  A “High-5” for the Cannabis Community A local dispensary that smokes out the community with more than just weed Written and Photographed by Daniel Friis 4/20 Edition, 2023. From […]

Gary Payton: A Supersonic High

  Gary Payton: A Supersonic High Named after former Seattle Supersonics point guard, Gary Payton is a strain coveted by many cannabis connoisseurs. Written by Armando Ramirez, Photos by Gustavo […]