Strain of The Month – Bacio Gelato

Written and photographed by Alexandra Arnett. Recently, my place of work purchased some Bacio Gelato from Wee Farms. Wee Farms is a cannabis producer utilizing hydroponic methods here in Oregon. […]

Strain of The Month: Granddaddy Purple

Written and photographed by Annie McVay. Granddaddy Purple is a #strainofthemonth designed to impress the senses, especially considering the fruity and sweet floral notes. From nearly a foot away, you […]

Strain of The Month: Forbidden Fruit

Written and photographed by Renee Thompson. There’s just something special about having purple flower. I don’t come into contact with it a lot, but it’s nice every once and a […]

Strain of The Month: Cantaloupe Haze

Written and photographed by Noah Noteboom. As you sit in your room listening to the rain hit the roof, you find yourself craving something to do. With the weather taking […]

Strain of the Month: Lemon Flufuns

Written by Emma Routley. Feeling the lack of motivation to do anything while in quarantine?  Lemon Flufluns will be your cheerleader for encouragement!   Lemon Flufluns takes a few puffs to […]

Ride The Unicorn

Written by Guthrie Stafford. It’s 4:19 in the afternoon, and you are about to lose your mind. No, not from the copious amounts of cannabis you are about to smoke, […]

Strain of The Month: Chocolate Chunk

Written by Skyla Patton, photographed by Kimberly Harris. As an avid lover of chocolate (my fifth grade class photo was taken in a shirt that said “I love chocolate!” with […]

A Literal Sleeper: Purple Hindu Kush

Written by Julio Jaquez. A cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, two infamous strains that hail from the mountainous ranges that divide Afghanistan and Pakistan, emerged the beauty we […]