Strain of the Month: Lemon Flufuns

Written by Emma Routley. Feeling the lack of motivation to do anything while in quarantine?  Lemon Flufluns will be your cheerleader for encouragement!   Lemon Flufluns takes a few puffs to […]

Ride The Unicorn

Written by Guthrie Stafford. It’s 4:19 in the afternoon, and you are about to lose your mind. No, not from the copious amounts of cannabis you are about to smoke, […]

Strain of The Month: Chocolate Chunk

Written by Skyla Patton, photographed by Kimberly Harris. As an avid lover of chocolate (my fifth grade class photo was taken in a shirt that said “I love chocolate!” with […]

A Literal Sleeper: Purple Hindu Kush

Written by Julio Jaquez. A cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, two infamous strains that hail from the mountainous ranges that divide Afghanistan and Pakistan, emerged the beauty we […]

February’s Strain of the Month: Grape Ape

Written by Skyla Patton, photo by Trevor Meyer. If you’re looking for something to mellow any harsh vibes but also give you a spark of productivity, the infamous Grape Ape […]