Find Your Adventure With WYLD Gummies

Words by Skyla Patton | Photo Contributed by WYLD Canna

What are your Sunday plans? Relaxing at home? Going on an adventure? Soaking in a hot tub? Whether you’re an adventurer or a movies-with-popcorn type, the possibilities are endless with a delicious WYLD gummy to enhance your experience. Made with all-natural fruit, these fun-sized infused snacks guarantee a good time. Check out these suggestions to choose which fruity ride you want to go on this weekend.

Relax with Marionberry Indica

All the candles are lit, the lights are dimmed and your favorite bath bomb is bubbling away in the tub. You’re prepared for the distressing of a lifetime. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, put on some soothing piano music and sink into the flavor of the “cabernet of berries” with a glass of actual cabernet on the side. If you’re looking to kick your feet back and relax all day long, Marionberry is the gummy for you. Enhanced with indica to soothe all your troubles, this classic flavor will blissfully melt your day away.

Trekking with Raspberry Sativa  

The sun is just climbing over the treetops, birds are chirping and it’s ripe time to climb another mountain. Pack up your bags and lace up your hiking boots—Spencer Butte is calling your name. Don’t forget the granola bars and raspberry gummies to make the climb a full outdoor zen experience. Enriched with sativa, this chewy snack will give you the energy boost you need to conquer the day.

Soak in the Springs with Pomegranate 1:1

The hike to the Terwilliger Hot Springs is hardly a hike at all and even the sorest of joints will be able to relax in the natural mineral rich pools. It’s the perfect day trip to satisfy the craving for adventure without a strenuous workout or long drive. Be sure to bring a neck pillow, a nice fluffy towel and WYLD’s newest gummy, Pomegranate 1:1. Half sativa and half indica, this chewy snack is the perfect addition to your mellow soak in nature’s tub.

Take a Walk by The Ocean with Strawberry CBD

It doesn’t get any better than a sunset on the beach with your favorite person, a cup of hot cocoa and a few cannabis gummies as a snack. Florence is a quick but beautiful 90 minute drive away, and the ocean is welcoming you with blue skies and peaceful waves. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of dispensaries on the way to pick up a pack of strawberry gummies. Packed full of relaxing CBD, these treats are the perfect way to relax your muscles and let tension melt away with a little help from the ocean air.

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