Relax & Rewind: Podcasts and Playlists

written by Theresa Carpenter

During this time, we’re all feeling stressed and overwhelmed with different elements of our life. However, it’s important to remember that it’s necessary to take time for yourself. Here’s a list of some playlists and podcasts that will help make you smile, laugh or just help you get through quarantine, paired with the perfect strain to help get you in the zone.

  1. Rewind – The Sound of 2016 (Spotify playlist)
  • This playlist will take you back in time. It’ll have you reminiscing about simpler times or bring back memories you didn’t even know were there. Some songs you might’ve forgotten existed, but are still just as good as when they were popular. There are rewind playlists of all years, so take your pick!
  • Scooby Snack (Hybrid) is a great strain for getting in a nostalgic mood—even the name brings back good memories.
  1. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People (Podcast by Earwolf)
  • Hosted by Chris Gethard, this podcast talks to one caller for an hour. He can’t hang up first, no matter what, and the caller remains anonymous. This is a fun podcast to listen to because anything is possible. For an hour, you’re listening to a random stranger’s story and it can take your mind off everything.
  • Double Dream (Hybrid) is a classic for easing stress, anxiety and getting your mind off things. 
  1. Mood Booster: the Happy Playlist (Spotify playlist by Ashley James)
  • This playlist is full of upbeat songs that will get you dancing and screaming the lyrics. It’s a way to unwind and let yourself loose, even if it’s just for a few songs. 
  • Pineapple Express (Sativa) is a perfect strain for increasing energy levels and getting you feeling happy with its euphoric high.
  1. The Sporkful (Podcast by Dan Pashman)
  • If you love food, this podcast is the one for you. It might even change the way you eat! Dan Pashman unravels the way he eats and provides vivid descriptions about the food he’s eating. It always makes me hungry after listening to it, that’s for sure.
  • Sour Diesel (Sativa) is perfect for getting your appetite going and having a great time.
  1. Peaceful Piano (Spotify playlist) 
  • This playlist includes songs that are instrumental and solely piano. It’s different from the other playlists because it’s more relaxing. It’s great background music for studying or unwinding after a stressful day. 
  • Bubba Kush (Indica) is exactly what you need for feeling more relaxed. 
  1. Happier (Podcast by Gretchen Rubin)
  • In this podcast, Gretchen suggests different strategies that she wants her sister to try out. She offers advice on topics such as time management and stress. You’re certain to feel more calm and motivated after listening to an episode or two. 
  • Jack Herer (Sativa) is another great strain for feeling calm and improving your mood.

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