written by Annie McVay

Here are some of the best games for stoners. Enjoy this green holiday, and feel free to tag us in your 420 shenanigans on our Green Eugene socials! @greeneugenemag

  • Jamaica Jammin’ –  Turn on Jammin’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers. Every time the word jammin’ is said, take a hit!
  • Ghost That Hit –  While in a stoner circle, take a hit and hold it until the weed makes it back to you. 

  • Greenjack – A spinoff of classic Blackjack, players who reach 21 or are closest to 21 get to take a hit. Bust, and you’re left not-high and dry!
  • Bong Pong – Bounce the ping pong ball into the cup and take a hit. If using beer, too, you can decide whether a drink is a reward or for the loser to take.

  • Marijuana MacGyver – Everyone creates a piece from something found in your home. Apples, potatoes, maybe a gourd! A group vote determines which is nicest and, therefore, who wins. (Please be careful with this one and don’t use anything that could harm yourself or others!)
  • Ash Bomber – You’ll need: A joint or blunt, a rubber band, a wide-mouth jar or cup, a penny, and either a sheet of rolling paper, tissue paper, or toilet paper. Cover the jar or cup with your sheet of paper and rubber band (to hold it in place). Set the penny in the center of the sheet. Light the joint or blunt. Each player takes a hit, holds it, burns a hole in the sheet over the cup, passes the joint or blunt, and exhales. The game becomes more precarious as each player burns a hole in the paper! Whoever causes the penny to fall loses. 
  • Medusa – Everyone starts in a circle facing the floor, piece or joint in hand. On the count of three, players lift their heads and meet the gaze of another player in the circle. Whoever blinks first loses and winners take a hit. 
  • Traffic Lights – Like Ghost That Hit, everyone holds their hit in until the joint comes back to them. However, in the first round, it’s one hit; in the second round, it’s two hits; and so on, until one person is left.
  • Never Have I Ever – Each player takes a turn making a ‘never have I ever’ statement. Example: ‘never have I ever broken a piece.’ Everyone who has broken a piece takes a toke. The player to the right makes the next statement and the game continues around the circle. 
  • Straight-Faced-Stoner – Everyone starts the game super stoned. The rule is simple: no one can smile! Anyone who smiles loses until one player remains. 

Happy 420!