A Very Green Eugene 4/20 Playlist

Curated by Kaylynn Wohl

The lighters are lined up ready for work, the glass pieces are prepped, cleaned and loaded, and the yellow dandelions are dancing around your blanket anxiously awaiting for the event to begin. Snacks ranging from mouth-watering hot chips to perfectly ripe mangos coated in Tajín chili lime seasoning are ready for indulging. For many people, it’s just another day in April to have resin-drop lips and smoke filled lungs; but for others, it’s a grand excuse to get medicated far beyond a reasonable amount while connecting with buds over our beloved girl, Mary Jane. 

Whether you’re keeping it mellow or sparking up with your giggly girl gang to some girl blunts, Green Eugene has curated a 4/20 playlist perfect for any level of cannabis culture expertise. Don’t worry (or we’re sorry, depending): there will absolutely be no Sublime. This list is filled with goodies gathered by our fellow smoking community to ensure all ears can find a flavor they like and find cravings for more. Charge those speakers and get ready to channel your Dazed and Confused main character moment with this ultimate stoner soundtrack. 

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