Self-love and Cannabis: The Anatomy of a girl blunt 

Writer and photographed by Alice Yeager, modeled by Kelly DeLor

Cannabis has always been talked about in the context of medicine but when it comes to social and mental wellness, mainstream smoking culture has failed to create welcoming environments for all individuals. Girl blunts push back against the status quo of masculinity and over consumption in contemporary cannabis. They represent safe and positive smoking experiences for people who may feel uncomfortable engaging in the traditional cannabis lifestyle. When you’re coping with anxiety, trauma or any other mental barriers, creating safe spaces becomes essential in healing. Since cannabis has been a traditionally male-dominated world, girl blunts hold a sacred space for female smokers but are embraced in circles often excluded. 

When I started my journey with cannabis I would have identified with being a social smoker. I was introduced to cannabis in a social setting and exclusively smoked in social environments. There was a lot of expectation in this way, pressure, and hyper-awareness on how I acted or how I was perceived. I started to grow unhappy with cannabis because I kept having these internal panic attacks, but always felt pressured to keep up, especially with male smokers. cannabis wasn’t an enjoyable experience anymore but yet it was the base of my social interaction. I did eventually give up cannabis as my anxiety worsened, which did result in me leaving that circle. It took a few years for me to explore cannabis again, this time on my own terms. 

I began rolling my own weed, creating my own space and experience, and reconnecting with positive attitudes. My damaged relationship with cannabis was able to be repaired once I knew my limits and how to consume it with the intent of wellness. Girl blunts became my main consumption method. I cut my cannabis with lavender or mudwort when rolling to help limit my intake. Once I became more comfortable with my usage, I was able to slowly incorporate social smoking back into my experience. The ingredients in a girl blunt or joint can change but the community, comfort and care are transcendent.

Recipe to roll your very own girl blunt: 

-Grab your favorite rolling paper or blunt wrap, I recommend Papers + Ink if you’re feeling fancy. 

-Grind up your favorite strain, I prefer a dryer bud for rolling but it’s all about your own preference. 

-Collect your herbs. I used organic lavender flowers and marshmallow leaf from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can also use rose petals, mugwort, or skullcap. Everyone’s sensitivities to herbs are different so I would recommend researching any allergies, especially if you take medication since herbs can sometimes interfere. You are also going to want to use organically sourced herbs that have not been sprayed. 

-I usually roll my lavender and cannabis in equal parts or sometimes use a little more herbs than cannabis so I’m not overconsuming. 

-Enjoy yourself or with a group of welcoming, safe people. 

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