High Recommendations: Wana

Written by Lauren Leone. Illustrated by Palmer Krais.

As someone who doesn’t smoke but still participates in the act of getting high, I’ve explored and tried out a plethora of different edible brands. Edible highs can often feel heavy and give you a “weed hangover” the next day, unlike the light high that you can get while smoking. I’ve been searching for an edible brand that closely replicates the smoking high, and I finally feel like I’ve found it.

Wana supplies delicious sour gummy edibles that are vegan, gluten-free and melt-proof, ranging from indicas to sativas and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep or a way to wind down from a busy day, Wana has a product for it all.

I particularly like Wana’s sour gummy watermelon edibles, which are a hybrid between sativa and indica. The gummies themselves are delicious and don’t have an earthy aftertaste like other edibles can have. The high itself feels light and airy rather than heavy and consuming, and I don’t feel sluggish or groggy the following morning like I’ve felt with previous edibles.

 The edible containers come with 100mgs in total, with 10 pieces at 10mg. The gummies themselves have creases down their middle, so consumers can split them apart for a lower dosage and double their gummy supply.

One of the unique things about Wana is that they pride themselves on using only the highest quality ingredients in their edibles, tarts, live rosins and tinctures to give consumers a premium cannabis experience. The combination of their policies to not cut corners, utilize the highest ingredients and drive for innovation within cannabis science has led to Wana’s current success. From my personal experience as a Wana consumer, I can certainly agree that high-quality ingredients make for a high quality high.

This Boulder, CO-based startup also works on issues such as housing, food security, LGBTQ+ rights and racial justice within the cannabis community. Wana has worked with Planned Parenthood, Last Prisoner Project, Project V.E.T.S., Cannabis Doing Good, and has links to multiple other charities on its website.