Strain of the Month: Strawberry 2.1

Written by Hannarose McGuinness. Photographed by Gustavo Del Real Figueroa.

With eyes closed, it smelled just like fresh, sweet strawberries and cream.

That smell came from a plant, not a bowl of fruit. 

This particular bud was grown by Kings Cannabis and is a crossbreed between Strawberry Guava and OG Kush Breath 2.1. From the two came this sensational Sativa-dominant hybrid — Strawberry 2.1. The luscious berries-and-cream aroma is enough to draw anyone in, and the stellar taste and peaceful high lead to lots of recommendations. 

Off Highway 99 in West Eugene is a building so vividly green it’s most likely visible on the moon. Green Health is a locally-owned dispensary with a wide array of high-quality products and a staff of educated budtenders all housed in a cozy, vibrantly decorated space, complete with a stylized waiting room and two separate rooms for perusing and purchasing goods. 

Inside this viridescent space, cultivated plants reign supreme, and this particular strain is attention-grabbing for a couple of reasons: the smell is positively mouth-watering, and the flavor profile matches with a slightly earthy undertone accompanied by a bowl of berries. 

Budtender Eli Harrison didn’t hesitate for a second when asked for a recommendation of his current favorite strain. It took no time for him to pull a glass mason jar from a mahogany wood shelf behind the counter and pop it open. 

“Strawberry 2.1 — it smells just like strawberries and cream,” Harrison said, using a laminated paper to fan the scent across the counter.

The flower’s aroma is so potent that simply taking the lid off the jar filled the room with its distinct perfume-like sweetness. The OGKB 2.1 and Strawberry Guava hybrid is dense and frosty — truly a beautiful specimen. 

“It’s one of the nicest strains we’ve had in the building,” Harrison said. “The strawberry in particular, and pretty much everything that Kings Cannabis brings us, looks of this quality– with the only difference being between phenotypes and strain types, but it is an incredibly consistent flower from them.”

Kings Cannabis is a “strictly organic” farm certified through OLCC, which Harrison said is no small feat. 

“There is a pretty rigorous standard when it comes to meeting organic standards for cannabis just because there are a lot of techniques used in the field that a lot of growers would consider organic but the OLCC wouldn’t consider,” Harrison said. “To meet that organic standard is not exactly a rarity, but it is a stand-out when the bud itself looks as good as Kings’ does.”

Strawberry 2.1 feels like a timeless classic, and when grown by Kings Cannabis, the positive reviews pour in. This bud is admittedly a bit spendy, but that doesn’t take away from the grandeur of this strain that makes it great to treat yourself with. This particular batch tests just over 31% THC, so a little goes a long way with this sugary sweet strain. 

We’re adding this herb to our Hall of Fame — or rather the Hall of Flame.

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