Harvest Horoscopes

October 31, 2022.

Written by Megan Mcentee. Designed by Dani DeGraw. 


This is the time to reconnect with the physical world around you and remember the importance of taking breaks. If you choose to consume cannabis, try going outside while you’re at it. Jump in a pile of leaves, and let the crisp, autumn air fill your lungs. Just breathe, and reflect on the wondrous stability of your environment.


Are you getting too caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life? As the winds get chillier and the days get shorter, try to reflect on the less tangible parts of yourself. You may want to spend an evening alone, with a hand-rolled joint and relaxing playlist, and let your brain wander into the unknown for a while. 


This month may be a good time to foster communication and build healthy relationships. Part of this process involves being open to receive any wisdom or opportunity that comes your way. If you choose to consume cannabis, try to grab a buddy while you’re at it. You might be surprised at how much you can discover about yourself through a new friend. 


Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed recently? A crucial step of the cannabis harvest involves trimming away any debris. You’re in the prime spot to take stock of what’s not working, and take the necessary steps to change that. If you find yourself a productive consumer, take a dab of some energizing Sativa and trim that excess! You might be surprised at how good you feel afterward. 


Sometimes we find community in the most unexpected places. Whether you’re feeling lonely or feeling content with the circle of people around you, this cozy season might be the perfect opportunity to branch out and strengthen your sense of belonging. Maybe start a new team activity, or nourish existing friendships with some canna-cooking! Let laughter light your day as the sky grows darker. 


Oftentimes the autumnal season is characterized by falling leaves, heavy rain and brittle branches. These all symbolize some sort of rebirth or regeneration. Allow yourself to shed the muck and debris from the warmer months, and prioritize a clean slate for the snowfall. Much like cannabis, autumn is the time for you to reap what you’ve sown, and prepare for brand new growth. 


Are you being completely honest with yourself right now? The equalizing nature of Libra often lends itself to a mediator role, but now is the time to consider what you really want in your situation. While nearing harvest season, cannabis needs 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Be honest with yourself, how much light are you shedding on your true desires? 


The witch-hazel flower only blooms in the colder months of the year. Life may be dealing you a tricky hand right now, but much like the witch-hazel, you are destined to brighten up a bleak landscape. Stay strong during this time of uncertainty, and you will bloom when the world needs it most. In the meantime, know that you are empowered in any stage of growth. 


As much as life may feel hurried and frantic, know that you don’t always have to abide by the rules of a ticking clock. Time only holds as much power as we give it, so try diverting from your busy schedule, leaving the watch at home and comforting yourself with the vastness of an unregimented schedule. Maybe try a slow-burning blunt – you might be surprised at how fluid the world moves when you’re just observing. 


In the true spirit of the harvest season, you are now reaping the benefits after months of careful cultivation. It must feel so good to see hard work pay off! An abundance of new opportunity follows success, so be wary about how many paths you try to follow. Every direction has the potential to bring fulfillment – now is the time to be proud, and follow your deepest instincts. 


Fear has its place in contemplation, as it’s there to protect you, but there comes a time when you need to push it aside. Consume something that gives you courage – or don’t – but know that a leap of faith is necessary when other opportunities are coming up short. Your stem has already grown tall, so chopping at the root might allow your branches to fall into place. 


The ideas that you’re holding onto might just be the ideas that are holding you back. In order for cannabis plants to change and flower, the conditions must change as well. Stubbornness only leads to restricted growth, so make sure to open your mind to new ways of thinking. Fresh possibilities will follow soon after. 

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