Green Eugene 4/20 Playlist 

Our second annual soundtrack for our favorite day of the year

Curated by Kayl Wohl and Megan McEntee. Illustrated by Lindsay Rogers. 4/20 Edition, 2023.

Happy holiblaze from Green Eugene! Our annual celebration includes our updated list of tracks that will have all our best buds gathered around the Bluetooth speaker. Within exactly 4 hours and 20 minutes, your sonic universe will blast you higher than the clouds and blanket you in aural foliage.     

Forget Sublime; we’re subverting expectations of what a “stoner playlist” sounds like. The backyard barbecue and the park bench potluck will taste better with this soundtrack. Your front porch rock-n-toke will invite fellow travelers from The Pharcyde and Cypress Hill. 

Rain or shine, these jams will bubble your bong. The Beach Boys will join you for a bit of shoegaze and Free Weed while Ice Cube reminds us it’s a damn good day to melt into a stoner metal moment. Another notable mention is “Sunkissed” by Phoenix, Arizona artist Pariah Pete – perfect for a window-down drive. We also highlight local artists like ziree sun with “fly away” for a sunny stroll. Amiia Nectar’s “Black Magic Woman” groves listeners into a watery trance, followed by “Broke A$ Hell,” because we simply couldn’t choose just one. 

In the spirit of 4/20, this playlist is for anyone and everyone – whether soon-to-be college graduates or your visiting grandparents. To join our dance party, scan the code near the Spotify search bar and have your lighters reader! 

To listen, click here.

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