Gary Payton: A Supersonic High

Named after former Seattle Supersonics point guard, Gary Payton is a strain coveted by many cannabis connoisseurs.

Written by Armando Ramirez, Photos by Gustavo Del Real

4/20 Edition, 2023.

First bred by Cookies and Powerzzz genetics, Gary Payton is a hybrid strain produced by crossing the strains Y Life and Snowman, resulting in a near-perfect balance between indica and sativa. Those who choose to indulge in the strain often report feelings of euphoria and relaxation. Gary Payton is associated with a gassy and pine-like flavor when consumed and gives off an equally gassy aroma. While small to moderate doses of Gary Payton may leave you relaxed and focused, higher doses may leave you stuck on the couch.

For those that are familiar with other cannabis strains, Gary Payton is said to have effects similar to strains such as Girl Scout Cookies OG or Gelato #33.

Gary Payton nugs tend to have a forest or mint green color with a thick, sponge-like consistency and are very sticky when broken down. When growing, Gary Payton takes around seven to nine weeks to reach maturity and is best grown indoors in warmer climates. While it has a low CBD profile of around 5%, Gary compensates for that with its THC profile of 20-25%.

For medical purposes, many report Gary Payton to help with feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. Feelings of creativity and focus have been associated with Gary Payton as well, making it a great strain for those who consume cannabis regularly.

Since its creation in 2013, Gary Payton has been crossed with several other strains to produce variants such as Gary’s Wedding (Gary Payton and Wedding Cake), Strawberry Gary (Gary Payton and Red Pop), and Berry Payton (Gary Payton and Strawbery Fritter).

While Gary Payton tends to be on the pricier side (around $50 for an eighth of flower in most places), it is well worth the price, and those that do choose to try Gary Payton are rarely disappointed.

The downsides that may come with trying Gary Payton are a dry mouth and possible feelings of paranoia. While it is a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts, those who are not familiar with cannabis consumption should proceed with caution when indulging in the glory of Gary Payton.