High Recommendation: Getting Blazy with Blazy Susan

Written by Dominic Adams. Photographed by Riley Valle. 420 Edition, 2023.

For this edition’s High Recommendation, I wanted to highlight some newer or lesser-known products from a company that many may already have heard of. Blazy Susan, founded in 2017, is a relative newcomer to the market of lifestyle products for stoners. They have a staggering amount of products available on their online store, but the most famous is their eponymous product, the Blazy Susan. 

The Blazy Susan is, as you might expect, a Lazy Susan – except it has been equipped to hold all sorts of products like ashtrays, grinders, lighters and a whole range of dab accessories. Unfortunately, depending on the material, you can expect to spend between $90 and $150. Unless you have some seriously disposable income, I would stick to buying a real Lazy Susan and decking it out yourself. If you’re like me and don’t have that kind of dough on hand, but still want to engage in online retail therapy, then look no further!

Among the list of products that Blazy Susan sells, there are at least two that I can personally confirm are both affordable and excellently crafted: The “Purple Activated-Charcoal Filter Tips” and the “Pink Deluxe Rolling Kit.” The rolling kit is cleverly priced at $4.20 and is available in both purple and unbleached varieties. The tips are a bit more of an investment at $29.99. Regardless, I promise they’re worth the price – and also available in pink on the website. 

The rolling kit is reminiscent of the RAW Connoisseur pack – a favorite of mine due to the pure functionality of combining tips and papers into one convenient package. The kit follows that same principle, but in an elevated way. The tips are perforated on one end for the perfect “W” every time you roll up. This kit features a magnet closure system that’s both sleek and snappy. The main highlight, however, is the origami-inspired rolling tray that springs forth when you open the kit. It’s not the biggest tray I have ever rolled with, but it certainly makes the Deluxe Rolling Kit the perfect item for a small stash bag. This kit has absolutely become a daily item for me, and I find myself using it most at parties or social events where I’m away from my home rolling setup.

The activated charcoal filter tips are similarly excellent, although I have some reservations about claims made on the packaging. They are made up of two ceramic end caps wrapped in filter paper and filled with bits of activated charcoal made from coconuts. These filters provide a consistent crutch for rolling, a smooth draw and arguably more flavorful hits. Whether it’s the charcoal filtering or the ceramic caps cooling the smoke down, these things really elevate the smoking experience. Also – for our spliff enjoyers out there – these tips produce a considerably less harsh hit when compared to the unfiltered tobacco hits in a normal spliff. The difference was even more noticeable in the spliff compared to a straight-up J. It still makes a doob hit cooler, just a little less prominently. 

At the end of the day, the price for 100 tips is a bit steep when we start to consider unit pricing, but if a bit of a splurge is on the table for you, and you want to support a dope business, these are worth every penny!

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