Cultivating Relationships at Terpene Station

Written by Kayla Krueger, Photographed by Alex Hernandez – Harvest Edition, 2024.

“Terrapin Station,” to many Eugenians, strikes a familiar chord. Local dispensary Terpene Station offers an experience akin to the Grateful Dead. Outside of its general groove, Terpene Station’s quality product and charming ambiance allow customers a comfortable and easy dispo-stop.
Terpene Station is nestled in a nook off River Road, nearby Happy Hour Tavern in this stoner-friendly neighborhood. Through the door is a welcoming environment of thoughtfully curated cannabis. Each customer is greeted by a friendly sales associate fit to address all levels of cannabis experience.

Adam Coble, the owner of Terpene Station, is a modern Renaissance man: a retired commercial fisherman, keyboardist, biology teacher, retail sales manager and now a dispensary owner in Eugene, Oregon, ranked number four in highest dispensaries per capita.

“I was an advocate and supporter previously, but I didn’t get deep into [cannabis] advocacy until about five years ago,” Coble said. “This industry was a full-on grassroots process – for a product that we know has positive applications.”

Although the industry was enticing, Coble viewed this opportunity as a way to be a positive mentor for his retail team. Per his previous experience in education, leading a team and giving them the skills they need to succeed came naturally to Coble.

“There’s a really fabulous opportunity for mentorship. The staff has an opportunity to apply themselves in a way they are going to be successful. And, if I view my job from the standpoint of a leader, I know my successes are only based on the successes of the people I employ. So I encourage that comfortable working environment,” Coble said.

Coble’s personal business model is built on fostering relationships within the cannabis industry.

“We communicate with farms and the groups that we work with, and we form a relationship. That way, when we carry multiple products of theirs, we are able to actively represent each farm. We can take our manufactured material, like cartridges, and direct the customer to the flower that it came from.”


That customer experience differentiates Terpene Station from other dispensaries. The staff at the Station is fit to address any and all cannabis needs, from medical to recreational. Not to mention the varying price points to ensure that cannabis lovers of all budgets will be satisfied with their experience.

The warm wooden display cases present each product like a piece of art. There are couches, plants and decor to make it a comfortable experience for each customer. The product is presented in a way that gives the customer autonomy to make decisions, and the sales associates are friendly and knowledgeable. Guests can be greeted at the door by Jon, a friendly sales associate who walks out from behind the counter and provides a personable and warm welcome. Each visit is unique to each customer; Terpene Station is well-equipped to address each customer’s needs through open conversation and kindness.

Outside of the Terpene Station doors, Coble and his team are active in the Eugene and Springfield communities. Terpene Station even sponsors a local hip-hop group called DStew and The Higher Council (THC).

“DStew and The Higher Council encourage the hip-hop community to give back to the greater community, making a positive impact,” said Coble. “There is a lot of potential for cannabis businesses to support the community, and by doing so, we are working to destigmatize cannabis.”

As dispensaries grow in the Eugene area and beyond, Coble is setting Terpene Station’s sights on the community.

“There is a lot of possibility and potential in the cannabis market to have outreach-oriented events,” said Coble. “This allows for normalization to occur, and it allows people to get more comfortable with the consumption, use, advocacy and value that the product actually has.”

With value and quality at the epicenter, Terpene Station offers daily special deals ranging from Community Wellness Sunday, where customers can get 15% off topicals, tinctures and CBD, to Flower Friday with $40 ounces.

“We are not here to make money. If I wanted to make money, I would be doing different things. This is much more of a family-oriented scenario… I want to make sure that my staff and customers are comfortable no matter their cannabis experience,” Coble said.

Terpene Station is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The wide range of hours is convenient for all. On top of their accessible schedule, the variety of products is alluring. It carries everything from flower to pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, topicals, accessories and even some Terpene Station shirts and mugs for customers to show their dispensary pride around the community. There is a certain level of cohesivity that is unique to this dispensary with its clear farm-to-dispensary feel supported by nurturing relationships with all cannabis community members. 

“It is a reciprocal process. We curate very strongly. What we do is cultivate relationships. That’s the only way I know how to do business,” said Coble. 

To its core, Terpene Station is a well-oiled machine, with great people and strong customer values. 

“We have a proof of concept. Terpene Station is really about maintaining a level of quality accessible to all cost levels. From soil to genetics, there is no one around that can compete against us. We just gotta run a good local store, and support our community first,” Coble said. 

Terpene Station is special; it’s rare that community-oriented values, outstanding products and a friendly sales team come together to create the ultimate safe space for cannabis lovers. Turn on and tune into Terpene Station, where cultivating relationships in the cannabis industry comes with a harmony of rhythm and greens. 


Weekly Specials:

  • 10% off every day for VIP members
  • Mondays 15% off prerolls
  • Tuesdays 15% off edibles 
  • Wednesdays 15% off cartridges and dabs
  • Thursdays 20% off any three different items
  • Fridays 20% off 7 grams or more of flower
  • Saturday 15% off dabs and carts 
  • Sunday 15% off topicals tinctures and CBD