A vibrant and calming movie that delves into themes of love

Written by Lizzy Solorzano, Designed by Ryan Ehrhart – BIPOC Edition, 2024.

The Netflix special, “Entergalactic,” is a relaxing film accompanied by the mellow vibes of soothing music, making it perfect to unwind and enjoy a smoke. 

“Entergalactic” is an animated romantic comedy created by Scott Mescudi, otherwise known as Kid Cudi, to pair with his album of the same title and cover. The album doubles as the soundtrack of the film. What was originally announced to be a series turned into a Netflix special that simultaneously premiered with the album at the end of September 2022. 

The story follows a young man named Jabari, voiced by Kid Cudi, who moves to New York City as a newly hired artist at a comic book company to produce a comic with his character, Mr. Rager. At the same time, Jabari struggles to navigate his love life. The story focuses on two women, Jabari’s ex, Carmen (Laura Harrier), and Jabari’s neighbor, Meadow (Jessica Williams). Jabari is accompanied by his two best friends in the film, Jimmy (Timothée Chalamet) and Ky (Ty Dolla $ign). The cast is packed with other stars like Jaden Smith, Vanessa Hudgens and Macaulay Culkin. 

Throughout the film, Jabari always keeps a joint and lighter on him. Similarly, Meadow keeps a joint tucked behind her ear. The animation plays with the smoke in a way that is calming throughout the film, and sometimes it feels like you’re right there, lighting one up with him. 

The chaotic animation style keeps a form of tranquility, especially paired with the album as the soundtrack, which immediately draws viewers into their immersive world. “Entergalactic” has a color palette of purple, pink and yellow hues and tones that allow the animation to explode on the screen but never feel overwhelming. The best moments are transitions guided by the music into a galaxy with the same color scheme. Soothing synth melodies consistently fade in at the best times, growing louder with every beat, making the viewer feel the passion and heat between the characters. 

The moment Jabari sees Meadow, time slows, the pace slows, and the music fades in, with the lyrics repeating, “You’re such an angel, in your halo.”  As if walking in the shoes of Jabari’s world, the viewer transcends into the mesmerizing moment while the music drives the narrative forward. 

The animation also plays with different visual styles where it can. For example, lyrics on the screen are camouflaged as restaurant signs while Jabari pedals his bike through the city, smoking a joint. While Jabari is slouched on his couch, the smoke spells a word out. Only through watching the film can one experience the many creative and breathtaking details that fuse the comic book style with vibrant street art influences. 

While the romantic storyline isn’t anything new, its integration with the artistic album and vivid color scheme guarantees an emotional resonance that feels both familiar and innovative. It’s the ultimate film for an immersive and uplifting experience that leaves you pulsating with vibrant energy.