Let Your Creativity Flow:

Color While High

Written by Javay Frye-Nekrasova, Illustrated by Abigail Raike – BIPOC Edition, 2024.

Sometimes a creative outlet is the perfect topping for a good high. Coloring is a prime high activity. It can keep you mellow, make you laugh and even add to the trip. Coloring is a low-effort activity, making it ideal for smoking regardless of whether you are smoking a hybrid, indica or sativa. To really make it a fun experience you are going to want to choose coloring books that are fun for you; they can speak to your inner child, your high humor or just be visually stimulating.

Coloring Books that Appreciate Weed

If you want to celebrate the good times you have with weed, grab yourself a weed-themed coloring book. The brand Wood Rocket makes a few different cannabis-themed coloring books to choose from online. Some combine different themes such as weed and horror, like their “Killer Buds” coloring book, while others are more focused on different aspects of cannabis like their “A Visit to the Cannabis Farm”.

Coloring Books for Your Inner Child

Connecting to your inner child while using cannabis can be a very common experience, so why not take advantage of that? Using coloring books designed for children can bring you back to the innocence and enjoyment of your youth. You can color in your favorite childhood characters or just go back to the basics of ABCs and 123s with a children’s coloring book. Your local dollar or discount store is a great place to go to find coloring books designed for children without breaking the bank. You can really lean into your inner child and go back to coloring outside the lines because there are no rules with coloring books and not being beholden to “rules” of coloring can make it a more stress-free experience.

Coloring Books to Kickstart Something Hot and Steamy

Getting aroused after using cannabis can be quite easy for some people, but if you need some additional stimulation to get your mind in the mood and not just your body, coloring can help with that. Coloring can relax the mind, so coloring sexual drawings can relax the mind and get it into a sexy and aroused space. You can grab some sexy time coloring books in Eugene at As You Like It. If you are similar to Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, they have an “All About Butts” coloring that would meet your fancy. If you want something that is more focused on the sexual experience and activity, the “Sex Position” coloring book might be just what you need.

Grab your crayons, markers or colored pencils, and let the creative high take you on a journey. There is no “right” way to color, so you can go wherever your heart and mind take you. Color people in different shades of green. Make weed nugs orange. Do whatever. The beauty of coloring as a high activity is that there are no real rules, you can do whatever your heart desires and go wherever the high takes you.