Strain of the Month: Garlic Cocktail

Happy Haze Dispensary; Oregrown Farm

Written and Photographed by Javay Frye-Nekrasova – 4/20 Edition 2024.

Walking into Happy Haze, I was in the mood for a fun strain. Of all the selections I saw, Garlic Cocktail sounded too good to pass up. The beautiful sparkle of the flower instantly piqued my interest. The abundance of trichomes, the hearty size of the nugs and the green coloring let me know that I was going to have a good time. The floral-fruity aroma sealed the deal for me. Though I was expecting, or rather hoping, for it to smell like garlic, the true aroma was so pleasant I couldn’t say no.

This is a strain that even Dracula would risk it all for. Garlic Cocktail, grown by Oregrown Farm, is a delectable strain of flower that will have the garlic girlies in a delightful frenzy. Just like any good cocktail, Garlic Cocktail has a slow build to the high. The slow build brings you to a point of ease and relaxation, which for me made it easy to drift into a sweet slumber, having one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.

Garlic Cocktail is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is a peppery-flavored strain with predominantly caryophyllene terpenes, as well as limonene and pinene terpenes. With a THC content of nearly 35%, this strain is a great choice for folks who prefer their strains a little more potent. Garlic Cocktail is created from crossing GMO Cookies and Mimosa strains. The strain is known to make users more happy and energized, which definitely fits the vibe of Happy Haze. It also helps with anxiety and depression, which can be beneficial as the term heats up or the demands of life become too overwhelming.

Whether you want to deter vampires, enhance your favorite garlic dish or just need some help relaxing, Garlic Cocktail has got you covered. Stop by Happy Haze to try Garlic Cocktail, they have it in many different forms so no matter what your preferred method of cannabis consumption is they have options. You can get flower, concentrate or pre-rolls. So cheers to a good time and a savory cocktail you never knew you needed.