Green Eugene is Eugene’s premier cannabis magazine, student-run and student-published. We distribute our publications to over 65 local dispensaries in the Eugene and Springfield area, producing over 4,500 copies per edition. We strive to produce content that will be interesting, engaging and relevant to all generations and backgrounds who may pick up our publications by including a wide breadth of topics within the cannabis industry. It is a diverse and ever-changing culture, and our content aspires to capture that representation while providing accurate and transparent journalism for the cannabis community and beyond. All content is for folks 21+.


This publication is a passion of mine and so many other talented writers, photographers, designers and illustrators that make it all come together. As the first editor who isn’t a co-founder, I strive to continue the legacy of honest and professional cannabis journalism. The stories on our pages are a reflection of our dedication to destigmatizing a plant that has historically benefited some (oftentimes white and wealthy men) while disproportionately and systemically harming others – specifically Black, Indigenous and people of color who are statistically incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis possession at higher rates than white people. While you may find humor and lighthearted content in many of our recurring columns, may you also find the stories that challenge the mind to reevaluate cannabis culture, history and community. My vision for this magazine is to not only celebrate cannabis for its biology, vibrant community and medicinal and recreational benefits but to also allow room for critiques on the industry and its many nuances. I am forever grateful to hold Green Eugene close to my heart, and I hope you grow to love it too. Welcome to our cannafam!

Forever kindly,
Kayl Wohl