What’s your Obseshn?

What’s your Obseshn? Written by Armando Ramirez – 4/20 Edition, 2024. Launching recreationally three years ago, Obseshn Cannabis Co. is a local cannabis company growing premium indoor cannabis, experimenting with […]

Side Quest: A Journey to Utokia

  Side Quest: a Journey to Utokia Written by Kayl Wohl, Photographed by Alex Hernandez Harvest Edition, 2024. In a fantastical adventure where dragons soar and dungeons beckon, two characters […]

A Brush in Both Worlds

Words by Renee Thompson, Lily Brennan, Kaylynn Wohl  Green Eugene staff have the unique ability to peer into the realms of both cannabis as an industry and journalism beat, and […]

Cannabis Art History Around The World

written by Renee Thompson Originating in Central Asia, the use of cannabis sativa hemp spread across into China around 2800 BC. Later, around 10,000 BC an artist in Neolithic Japan […]

High Recommendations: WVA Gummies

Written and photographed by Alexandra Arnett As a medical cannabis patient, edibles are some of my favorite ways to consume cannabis. To help with my anxiety I typically use 5mg-10mg […]