Cultivating Relationships at Terpene Station

Cultivating Relationships at Terpene Station Written by Kayla Krueger, Photographed by Alex Hernandez – Harvest Edition, 2024. “Terrapin Station,” to many Eugenians, strikes a familiar chord. Local dispensary Terpene Station […]

Side Quest: A Journey to Utokia

  Side Quest: a Journey to Utokia Written by Kayl Wohl, Photographed by Alex Hernandez Harvest Edition, 2024. In a fantastical adventure where dragons soar and dungeons beckon, two characters […]

Featured Business: Phresh Start

  Featured Business: Phresh Start From country to cannabis Written by Megan McEntee, Photos by Riley Valle Pride Edition, 2023. Upon walking into Phresh Start dispensary on Bailey Hill Road, […]

Green Eugene 4/20 Playlist 

Our second annual soundtrack for our favorite day of the year Curated by Kayl Wohl and Megan McEntee. Illustrated by Lindsay Rogers. 4/20 Edition, 2023. Happy holiblaze from Green Eugene! […]

From Seed to Bud to Bong 

From Seed to Bud to Bong  The journey a weed takes from soil to bong Written and Photographed by Bentley Freeman. 4/20 Edition, 2023. Efficiently growing cannabis is down to […]

The Last Prisoners of Cannabis Incarceration

Written by Sydney Johnson. Illustrated by Palmer Krais. Legality Edition 2023. The United States has the second-largest inmate population in the world. With 1.7 million incarcerated individuals, over 20% of […]

Credit Where Credit is Due

Opinion: Former Gov. Kate Brown’s Pardon Written by Dominic Adams. Illustration by Dani DeGraw. Legality Edition 2023. In Green Eugene’s last edition, we published an article bemoaning the lack of […]

Strain of the Month: Strawberry 2.1

Written by Hannarose McGuinness. Photographed by Gustavo Del Real Figueroa. With eyes closed, it smelled just like fresh, sweet strawberries and cream. That smell came from a plant, not a […]