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Supporting Local Artists

Written and photographed by Kimberly Harris The Eugene Saturday Market features local artists who show off and sell their crafts every weekend. I was fortunate enough to talk to a

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October Munchies: Claim 52

Written and photographed by Alice Yeager What do you crave when you have the munchies? Do you crave hoppy, bitter and malted? What about sweet and fruity? The same sensations

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420 Tune Guide

written by Renee Thompson @renee.eporita I have yet to meet a stoner that doesn’t have a go-to album or band to toke to. Some gravitate  more to the traditional sounds,

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A Very Verde 420

Written and photographed by Skyla Patton  It’s officially the best time of the year: 420 is just around the corner, and the cannabis community is bristling with excitement of all

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