How Community Values Helped This Local Dispensary Thrive

Firehorse Trading Co. prides itself on community and customer needs above all else.  

Written by Alexa Brown

Firehorse Trading Co. found itself in an interesting position when it first opened its doors. Located on 7th avenue near downtown Eugene, the previous two dispensaries had failed in that exact spot. General manager Billy Scholten didn’t let this stop him from deciding to open Firehorse—which still boasts that storefront today, nearly four years later. 

While many dispensaries have built their identities on specific themes or brands, Firehorse sticks to the basics. This locally-owned and operated dispensary provides accessible prices and focuses on ensuring the customers get products that would best fit their individual needs instead of simply pushing pricy products to make a sale. Much of Firehorses’ clientele consists of college students, as well as locals coming in on foot, bikes and skateboards, with a little something on the shelves for everybody.

“420 is all about the gathering of different cannabis users. We’re excited since this will be the first real gathering since COVID,” said Scholten, regarding buzz surrounding the upcoming 420 holiday. 

Firehorse is known for its high-quality cannabis strains and clones and catering to local homegrowers. Different strains are rotated out depending on the season, where current rosters are updated on their website. Firehorse particularly prides itself on clones above all else; each clone is hand selected to bring customers a healthy and hearty plant, females-guaranteed. Local and beloved Pacific Northwest strains are available, as well as other exclusive genetics available only at Firehorse.  

Firehorse values helping individuals find what cannabis products and brands work best for them. The staff is knowledgeable about all aspects of the cannabis industry from the inner workings of growing, to varying equipment, to information about diverse product pairings unique to the customer for sale in store. More than anything, Firehorse employees are passionate about cannabis and want to help people discover the benefits it has to offer, for recreational or medical purposes or both. Whether you are looking for cartridges, edibles, fresh flower or just have questions about locally grown cannabis, Firehorse is the place to go. 

As a staple in the community, they also support and connect with other localized brands, such as Willamette Valley Alchemy, CBD Discovery and Fox Hollow Flora, to name a few. Maintaining great relationships with local businesses and brands is a core value that helps the business thrive in the downtown area.  

Firehorse understands the importance of supporting the community and other businesses in the Eugene community. Every year, Firehorse donates to Food For Lane County. The storefront also buys paintings and other pieces of artwork from local artists, which they then decorate their lobby with. 

 The culture of the store aims to represent all of Eugene, creating a safe and comfortable space for folks of all backgrounds and communities. The interior of the shop hasn’t changed much since its opening—the salmon colored carpet is still there, the layout of the store is the same, and Scholten feels there’s no need for unnecessary change. In the day and age where everyone and every business is trying to distinguish themselves and stand out, Firehorse sticks with the basics and what they do best: providing great customer service and great cannabis. Many Firehorse employees have been with the store since its opening in 2017, and credits much of its success to the excellent community fostered between coworkers. 

“Eugene’s a little weird, we’re a little weird,” said Scholten fondly. 

Budtender Feature: Dylan Crisanti

Firehorse truly values its employees, and their low budtender turnover reflects that relationship. Budtender Dylan has been with Firehorse for the last three years and has been an integral part of the storefronts success. 

Dylan became familiar with cannabis at a young age, as his father grew medical cannabis in their backyard for back issues. Growing up, Dylan had to hide that his family used and grew cannabis due to the stigma surrounding cannabis use.  

“My dad grew medical cannabis at home—legally. He taught me to do it the right way and how to respect the laws,” said Crisanti. 

Q: “What is the best part about working at Firehorse?” 

A: “The regulars and reputation are definitely the best part about working here. People really trust my opinion about recommendations. It’s also a very family oriented shop.” 

Q: “What differentiates Firehorse from other dispensaries in your experience?” 

A: “There’s a lot of honesty and integrity here, and a mom and pop shop vibe. We also have affordable pricing and a pretty competitive nature, and we are very patient and take our time with every customer. We take a lot of time making sure each customer gets the best products that fit their needs, no matter how long it takes.”  

Q: “What are some of your favorite products?” 

A: “I really love Dutch Valley Flower and Fox Hollow Flower. Anything with a nice cure.” 

233B West 7th Ave

Monday thru Thursday:10AM to 9PM

Friday thru Saturday: 10AM to 10PM

​Sunday: 10AM to 8PM

Firehorse Daily Deals:  

Medible Mondays: 10% off all edible products.

Tuesday: Student and Industry day! 15% off when ID card is shown. 

Wednesdays: 1o% off all cartridges. 

Three Joint Thursdays: Two house-rolled Firehorse joints for $5. 

Firehorse Fridays: Wear your Firehorse gear, and get 10% off!

Shatterday: 10% off all concentrates. 

Sunday: Top Shelf Sunday

A Very Verde 420

Written and photographed by Skyla Patton 

It’s officially the best time of the year: 420 is just around the corner, and the cannabis community is bristling with excitement of all the thrills to come in the next few days. Whether you’re throwing a party for friends, bringing a bag of goodies to an event or settling down for a solo-sesh this holiday, local dispensary Verde is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all of your cannabis needs. 

Check out this guide for how to enjoy a perfect THC-infused 420, compliments of Verde and their stellar budtenders. 

The Party Favors:  To get the festivities started right away, stop by Verde’s downtown location—1111 Willamette Street—when their doors open at 9am Wednesday to be first in line. The first 50 eager customers to walk through their door will receive a canvas goodie bag, packed full of exciting tidbits and Verde essentials to help celebrate. But don’t stop there! All prepackaged items in the store will be 30% for the day, so stock up on the basics while you’re at it to keep the party going all day long. 

The Appetizer: Kicking things off with consumption-cult-classics, snag your favorite 50mg edibles for only $4. Tinctures, gummies, chocolates—oh my! Whether it’s the smoothest Indica chewy candies or an absolute party-in-a-drop Sativa RSO, Verde has the ultimate roster of edibles and doses to get things going and delight your fellow consumers across the board.

The Entree: Is it really possible to celebrate 420 without a hearty roster of flavorful and unique flower to puff on? Verde wouldn’t dream of it. With the new regulations allowing recreational shoppers to leave with not one but two beautiful ounces of flower, customers can score two ounces of sky-high quality The Sweet Life “A” buds for only $95, or one for $50. Celebrating on a tighter budget? Not a problem. Opt for $30 ounces of Verde “B” buds, just as tasty for the consumer while going easy on the wallet. 

The Entertainment:  Looking for somewhere to get out of the house and celebrate the holiday in the sunshine instead of at home? Drop by the Obie St. location for the same stellar deals and a bonus party just next door! Sweet Tooth Glass will be rocking all of West Eugene with live music, hourly raffles and mouth-watering munchies from Moo Ping Thai. There will even be a joint-rolling contest—with prizes!—for the connoisseurs who feel like bringing out their inner competitor.  Come join the party and celebrate in style with friends and canna-family! 

The Closer:  A party that goes down in the books is one that has parting gifts for its guests, and there is no more impressive gift than a Verde Cannon. These massive prerolls stretch nearly the length of your forearm and are packed full of 14 grams of fresh, green “B” buds, anxiously awaiting to be sparked up and enjoyed. Choose between classic and beloved strains such as Grease Monkey, Wonder Dawg or Lemon Kush. Cannons will be on sale during 420 for a mouth-watering price of only $30 (normally priced at $40), perfect to gift to a beloved friend—or to enjoy on your own once the party goes home. 

The Teaser: The excitement doesn’t stop when the holiday ends for this storefront: cartridge lovers, listen up! Verde is making waves as they prepare to release their first-ever line of branded cartridges, hitting the shelves sooner rather than later as they add the perfect finishing touches. Filled with a full gram of high-quality cannabis oil, these carts are certain to rip smoothly and pack a punch all in one, so keep an eye out for their big debut. 

Bonus Sale! Both Verde storefronts will be honoring “Flower Friday” pricing for 420, so all of your favorite strains are on sale.

1111 Willamette Street 

Mon – Sat: 9am – 10pm

Sun: 10am – 8pm

1000 Obie Street 

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun: 10am – 6pm

Wed & Fri: 10am – 8pm