Strain of The Month – Bacio Gelato

Written and photographed by Alexandra Arnett. Recently, my place of work purchased some Bacio Gelato from Wee Farms. Wee Farms is a cannabis producer utilizing hydroponic methods here in Oregon. […]

Strain of The Month: Granddaddy Purple

Written and photographed by Annie McVay. Granddaddy Purple is a #strainofthemonth designed to impress the senses, especially considering the fruity and sweet floral notes. From nearly a foot away, you […]

Ride The Unicorn

Written by Guthrie Stafford. It’s 4:19 in the afternoon, and you are about to lose your mind. No, not from the copious amounts of cannabis you are about to smoke, […]

Strain of The Month: Chocolate Chunk

Written by Skyla Patton, photographed by Kimberly Harris. As an avid lover of chocolate (my fifth grade class photo was taken in a shirt that said “I love chocolate!” with […]