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420 Tune Guide

written by Renee Thompson @renee.eporita I have yet to meet a stoner that doesn’t have a go-to album or band to toke to. Some gravitate  more to the traditional sounds,

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Cannabis and the Environment

Written by Alexandra Arnett You may notice a lot of farms throwing around the term ‘sustainable farming’, but what does that actually mean? Sustainability is defined as the avoidance of

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What’s the Buzz on Delta-8-THC?

Written by Alexandra Arnett @calyx.alex Delta-8-THC has gained a lot of popularity recently, with products like vape cartridges and edibles being sold through numerous online sources and even being offered

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Weed and Western Animation

written and illustrated by Renee Thompson For me, the relationship between weed and animation has always been clear. Although it goes unspoken, it is apparently a familial tradition to smoke

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Niche in the Neighborhood

written and photographed by Annie McVay, with additional photos provided from the Oregon Historical Society and Lane County History Museum Have you ever wondered about the history behind the building a

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