Q/A with Federal Cannabis Reporter Natalie Fertig

  Navigating the Cannabis Industry as a Journalist Q/A with Federal Cannabis Reporter Natalie Fertig Written by Armando Ramirez Harvest Edition, 2024. Since 2019, Natalie Fertig has been a federal […]

Paul Loney: Oregon’s First Cannabis Attorney

  Paul Loney: Oregon’s First Cannabis Attorney   Written by Armando Ramirez, Photo Courtesy of Paul Loney Pride Edition, 2023. Being an attorney for 31 years, Paul Loney has been […]

The Last Prisoners of Cannabis Incarceration

Written by Sydney Johnson. Illustrated by Palmer Krais. Legality Edition 2023. The United States has the second-largest inmate population in the world. With 1.7 million incarcerated individuals, over 20% of […]

Credit Where Credit is Due

Opinion: Former Gov. Kate Brown’s Pardon Written by Dominic Adams. Illustration by Dani DeGraw. Legality Edition 2023. In Green Eugene’s last edition, we published an article bemoaning the lack of […]

Oregon’s Racial Disparity in Cannabis Arrests

Written by Jorney Baldwin-Chee. In 2023 it was reported that approximately 86.2% of Oregon’s state population is white, according to the Oregon Census Bureau. When considering the racial disparity in […]

What’s happening with the MORE Act?

Legislators are working on our nation’s next step in healing the wounds from the war on drugs. But what is it, and why should we support it? Here is everything you need to know about the current landscape of federal decriminalization.

Cultivating Progress: Cultiva Law

Written and photographed by Megan McEntee Aaron Pelley made his name as a cannabis lawyer in the early 2000s. He not only won a large case, but made the argument […]