Cannabis in Sports

Cannabis in Sports Written by Akila Wickramaratna, Illustrated by Eva Andrews – 4/20 Edition 2024. Athletes continuously seek ways to enhance their performance, whether that be high intensity training, watching […]

Q/A with Federal Cannabis Reporter Natalie Fertig

  Navigating the Cannabis Industry as a Journalist Q/A with Federal Cannabis Reporter Natalie Fertig Written by Armando Ramirez Harvest Edition, 2024. Since 2019, Natalie Fertig has been a federal […]

Paul Loney: Oregon’s First Cannabis Attorney

  Paul Loney: Oregon’s First Cannabis Attorney   Written by Armando Ramirez, Photo Courtesy of Paul Loney Pride Edition, 2023. Being an attorney for 31 years, Paul Loney has been […]

The Last Prisoners of Cannabis Incarceration

Written by Sydney Johnson. Illustrated by Palmer Krais. Legality Edition 2023. The United States has the second-largest inmate population in the world. With 1.7 million incarcerated individuals, over 20% of […]

Credit Where Credit is Due

Opinion: Former Gov. Kate Brown’s Pardon Written by Dominic Adams. Illustration by Dani DeGraw. Legality Edition 2023. In Green Eugene’s last edition, we published an article bemoaning the lack of […]

Oregon’s Racial Disparity in Cannabis Arrests

Written by Jorney Baldwin-Chee. In 2023 it was reported that approximately 86.2% of Oregon’s state population is white, according to the Oregon Census Bureau. When considering the racial disparity in […]