Harvest Horoscopes

October 31, 2022. Written by Megan Mcentee. Designed by Dani DeGraw.  Aries:  This is the time to reconnect with the physical world around you and remember the importance of taking […]

Strain of the Month: Strawberry 2.1

Written by Hannarose McGuinness. Photographed by Gustavo Del Real Figueroa. With eyes closed, it smelled just like fresh, sweet strawberries and cream. That smell came from a plant, not a […]

Charlie and the Peach Cannabis Factory

Written by Keaton Roberts. Photographed by Riley Valle. Basic Info: I am 22 years old. I have been budtending for a little more than a year now. I love to […]

High Recommendations: Wana

High Recommendations: Wana Written by Lauren Leone. Illustrated by Palmer Krais. As someone who doesn’t smoke but still participates in the act of getting high, I’ve explored and tried out […]

Harvest Season at The OG Plant

Written by Armando Ramirez. As many green thumbs know, fall is the season when various fruits and vegetables are finally ready to be harvested. However, fall is also the perfect […]

Fired up on Black Market BBQ

Written by Kayl Wohl. Photographed by Gustavo Del Real. In 1999, the magic of rare Sonoran Desert rain poured onto the crowd of metalheads at a Metallica show in Phoenix, […]