Cannabis in Sports

Cannabis in Sports Written by Akila Wickramaratna, Illustrated by Eva Andrews – 4/20 Edition 2024. Athletes continuously seek ways to enhance their performance, whether that be high intensity training, watching […]

Bud-tter Infused Fruity Pebble Krispies

Baked Bites: Crafting Bud-tter Infused Fruity Pebble Krispies Written by Armando Ramirez, Illustrated by Ryan Ehrhart – 4/20 Edition 2024. This recipe was shared with me by my generous neighbors, […]

4/20 Street Fair

4/20 Street Fair Written by Lizzy Solorzano, Designed by Abigail Raike – 4/20 Edition 2024. The Chalice Sorority House has partnered with local businesses on 11th Ave. to organize a […]

Strain Of The Month: Garlic Cocktail

Strain of the Month: Garlic Cocktail Happy Haze Dispensary; Oregrown Farm Written and Photographed by Javay Frye-Nekrasova – 4/20 Edition 2024. Walking into Happy Haze, I was in the mood […]

Happy Haze

Happy Haze Come for the vibes, stay for the community Written by Javay Frye-Nekrasova, Photographed by Armando Ramirez – 4/20 Edition, 2024. If you are a long-time cannabis user and […]

Budtender Spotlight: James Nielsen

Budtender Spotlight: James Nielsen James Nielsen finds community and purpose at The Sorority House Written by Lizzy Solorzano, Photographed by Armando Ramirez – 4/20 Edition, 2024.   After moving between […]

What’s your Obseshn?

What’s your Obseshn? Written by Armando Ramirez – 4/20 Edition, 2024. Launching recreationally three years ago, Obseshn Cannabis Co. is a local cannabis company growing premium indoor cannabis, experimenting with […]