Strains of the Month: Harvest Edition 2024

  Strains of the Month Written and Photographed by Alex Hernandez Harvest Edition, 2024. I don’t smoke. You might think that this makes me unqualified to suggest particular strains of […]

Geekin’ Out Over Fruity Geekz

  Geekin’ Out Over Fruity Geekz SugarTop Buddery adds a“fundica” to the menu Written by Amanda Lurey, Photographed by Kayl Wohl Pride Edition, 2023. When I first took a sniff […]

Gary Payton: A Supersonic High

  Gary Payton: A Supersonic High Named after former Seattle Supersonics point guard, Gary Payton is a strain coveted by many cannabis connoisseurs. Written by Armando Ramirez, Photos by Gustavo […]

Strain of the Month: Strawberry 2.1

Written by Hannarose McGuinness. Photographed by Gustavo Del Real Figueroa. With eyes closed, it smelled just like fresh, sweet strawberries and cream. That smell came from a plant, not a […]

Strain of The Month: Deadhead OG

written by Mac Larsen.  The last time Jerry Garcia performed in Oregon was June 19, 1994, at the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium. I was, by a technicality, in attendance […]

Strain of the Month: Kentucky Bluegrass

Written by Lily Brennan. It’s the middle of winter. The sky is gray and the roads are mucked with mud and trash. An unknown residue is lining the sides of […]

Strain of The Month: Critical Cure

 Written and photographed by Siena Dorman.  Featuring an unusually pleasant ratio of CBD to THC, the Critical Cure strain has calming, low-key psychoactive effects that can be enjoyed for many […]

Strain of The Month – Bacio Gelato

Written and photographed by Alexandra Arnett. Recently, my place of work purchased some Bacio Gelato from Wee Farms. Wee Farms is a cannabis producer utilizing hydroponic methods here in Oregon. […]

Strain of The Month: Granddaddy Purple

Written and photographed by Annie McVay. Granddaddy Purple is a #strainofthemonth designed to impress the senses, especially considering the fruity and sweet floral notes. From nearly a foot away, you […]

Strain of The Month: Forbidden Fruit

Written and photographed by Renee Thompson. There’s just something special about having purple flower. I don’t come into contact with it a lot, but it’s nice every once and a […]